We take pride in our work, and live by the words, "Excellence Makes a Difference When you Care." On this page, you will find just a few of our projects, ranging from pool remodels to new pool construction.

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Bermuda Dunes Project - Pool Remodel

This was a complete pool remodel at a country club in Bermuda Dunes. It included new tile, new plaster and installation of a water feature.

Cagney - Pacas Project - Cathedral City - New Pool Construction

The Cagney-Pacas's moved to Cathedral City from Chicago. Tired of winter and the cold they found the home of their dreams in Cathedral City. There was only one problem - The house did not have a pool. They contacted Handel's Pool Service and working with our partners at Desert Pools we helped them design the perfect pool for their expansive backyard. Handel's Pool Service oversaw and managed the entire project.

For this project, we realized that the yard sloped which could cause issue during rainstorms with runoff water draining into the pool and so we created a retaining wall. The project included the deck around the pool. The home owners wanted the existing patio to match the new cool deck we installed, and so we ground down a layer of the existing concrete patio to create a surface to apply cool deck on top of. The result was a continuous patio and pool deck, and was impossible to tell what segment was original and what was added on. The pool was even designed with an extra long shelf/seating area submerged just below the surface. The perfect place to enjoy poolside cocktails!

The new pool has transformed their massive backyard, which had limited use for adults into a relaxing space for the couple to play and entertain in.

McLeod Project - Rancho Mirage - Pool and Deck Remodel

The McLeod project in Rancho Mirage featured a complete remodel of the pool, including new pebble finish, a new rock waterfall spillway from the spa into the pool and the addition of two fire features that provide the pool with extra drama. In addition, the patio area was demolished and relaid with new pavers.

The McLeod's are very proud of their new pool and deck and the beauty it brings to their backyard.

Henzel-De La Croix Project - Cathedral City - Pool Remodel

The Henzel-De La Croixs moved to Cathedral City from Chicago. As with other couples from the Midwest, they were tired of winter and the cold they they found a home that met most of their requirements in Cathedral City. The house was a foreclosure and purchased from the bank who owned it. They were thrilled to have a pool, but never having owned one before, were not aware of all of the things they needed to look for when buying a home with a pool.

The pool had been a bit neglected and had missing tiles, a very dated glass block spa dam that was cracked and filled with discolored water, and dark spotting and cracks in the plaster lining. The equipment was old and the heater did not work.

They contacted Handel's Pool Service and we helped them through the vast array of tile and pool finishes. We brought samples to their home so they could picture how they would look in their backyard and also submerge them in the pool and see how they would look underwater and as the sun shifted throughout the day. Because of the awkward placement of the pool equipment, Mr. Henzel wanted remote controls so they could easily turn on the pump, spa and heater without having to crawl over the equipment in the dark with a flashlight..

We guided them through the selection of tile and they chose a stone mosaic with glass inserts to provide an extra pop of sparkle, and a deep blue pebble finish. They also elected to install state of the art, programable LED pool lights.

The remodel gave them a new pool and transformed their backyard. The pool controls are WiFi enabled and can be controlled from a Smart Phone, Tablet or Desktop Computer. Mr. Henzel works in San Diego a few days a week and while driving home, is able to turn on the spa and heater from his Smart Phone so the spa is hot and bubbling when he gets home.

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